Drumming With Excellence Annual Banquet 2022


Saturday, June 25, 2022

The Remedy Church

The yearly drumming event is held in recognition of Drumming with Excellence students’ dedication and hard work towards learning and perfecting their craft and in appreciation of those who support them. 

This platform has also been created for showcasing students’ ever-growing drumming skills and for celebrating their progress in front of a live audience.

Special Guest Drummer

Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Aaron Turner was nurtured with a lot of great gospel music in the home. It was apparent at a very early age that he had a knack for rhythm. In keeping time, he played bongos for the church & loved listening to other types of music that he could get his ears on. In middle school he joined the concert & marching band. There he learned the basics of reading music, rudiments of drumming and the importance of discipline.

From recording, to playing in churchs, university choirs, several bands with musicians of varying genres, to working full time on a cruise ship, Aaron is still keeping time as he enjoys his own Artofunk experience (band) as well as working and recording with several artists in the area he lives.

Aaron’s personal philosophy is everything is one, everything is on the one, and the oneness that we share is love. This is what he strives for in life, to exemplify both on and off the drums. His favorite quote is “be the change you want to see in this world.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring printout of ticket for check-in?

Yes, please bring a printout of your ticket(s) for checking in at the time of the event. However, if you absolutely cannot print out the ticket(s) to bring with you, proof of purchase must be provided.

How many tickets can I purchase?

You are welcome to purchase up to 10 tickets in one order.

My guests that I purchased tickets for will meet me at the event, how will you check them in without them having the ticket?

If you arrive at the event before your guests arrive, you can get all of them checked in because you will have the tickets. When they arrive, they will be processed through at the desk based on the information that you have provided. Those guests that arrive before you do will be asked to wait until you arrive in order to be processed through.

How does the pricing for children work?

You are required to purchase tickets for any child ages 4 to 8. Children up to 3 years old eat free.

How will I receive the ticket(s) that I have purchased?

You will receive the ticket(s) by email, so please provide your best email address on the Checkout form. Confirmation/ticket email(s) will be from “Drumming with Excellence.” If it appears that you have not received the email(s), please CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK folder, as sometimes the email(s) end up there. If you still have not located the confirmation/ticket email(s), please reach out to Keith at 330.608.3459 for assistance.


Keith Boyer

Bernard Keith Boyer was born and raised in Akron, Ohio.

He received his first drum set at the tender age of six. In his senior year of high school, Keith won the Louis B. Armstrong Jazz Award – being voted the school’s most outstanding musician.

Keith played while in the military. He played for the University of Akron’s Gospel choir and he went on to receive a degree in Liberal Arts and Music.

He has used his gift to be a blessing to a few national recording artists and you will also find him on several recordings supporting local artists projects.

Keith’s greatest musical accomplishment has been using his gift to develop and grow the drumming skill sets of many drummers – especially in young up-and-coming drummers. These young drummers are now stepping out and walking in open doors where they are using their gifts in the music arena