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PHASE I: Drumming for Beginners

In Phase I, you’ll learn beginner techniques: 4/4 counts; basic beats; drum fills- single crash; double snare stroke-crash; double snare stroke-single tom tom crash and double snare; double tom; double tom and double floor tom tom crash.

You’ll also learn three (3) complex basic drum fills that I created and arranged. In the beginning of this video, I name all of the drums pieces being used.

PHASE II: Entry Level Tech (Part I)

In Phase II – Part 1, you’ll learn the second portion of entry level rudiments – concentrating on individual hand accuracy in the strokes and rudimental patterns;  and, the correct way to hold your drumsticks (very important).

PHASE II: Entry Level Tech (Part 2)

In Phase II – Part 2, you’ll learn the Right-Left Diddle Pattern Groove; the Right-Left Diddle Fill: snare, hi hat and bass; Left-Right Diddle Pattern Groove; Left-Right Diddle Fill: snare; hi hat and bass; and, the Right-Foot Diddle Pattern Groove. SPECIAL NOTE: In the video, I erroneously called the last exercise the Right Foot Diddle Groove, but it is the Foot Diddle Pattern Groove. Lastly, you’ll also learn the Right Foot Diddle Groove.

PHASE III: Technical

In Phase III, you’ll learn beginning technical techniques of drumming. I also introduce seven (7) Essential Rudiments: Single Stroke; Buzz Roll; Double Stroke; 5-Stroke Roll; Single Para Diddle; the Flam and the Single Drag. Also included is the Para Diddle Diddle and the Triple Para Diddle. Lastly, I explain two (2) original technical rudimental grooves.

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