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Keith’s story

About the Man

Bernard Keith Boyer was born and raised in Akron Ohio.

He received his first drumset at the tender age of six.

At age 10, Keith made his drumming debut, at Rankin Elementary School’s annual Christmas program. He received a standing ovation and high praises for his performance.

During high school, it wasn’t long before his drumming abilities were discovered by the school’s music department and the jazz band. The instructor wasted no time ushering him into the band!

It was also during high school that Keith got into trouble with an assistant principal because of the drums. The story goes that Keith was unloading his drums in area that the assistant principal thought that he was not supposed to be in, but Keith had special permission to be in that area for the sole purpose of packing and unpacking his drums.

Because of a misunderstanding, an argument took place between Keith and the assistant principal, but another assistant principal doled out the punishment. As a result, Keith got a 3-day suspension! The suspension ended up being suspended, because the other assistant principal involved wanted to see him to play in the festival. And play, he did!

At 16, Keith played in his first live recording. The recording entitled “Stop, Look, and Listen” was produced by Jerry Thomas, from Cleveland, Ohio. Keith mother sang on that album. There are many other live and studio recordings in which he has participated.

In his senior year, he went on to win the Louis B. Armstrong Jazz Award – being voted the school’s most outstanding musician.

Keith has used his gift to be a blessing to national recording artists, such as Yolanda Adams, Shirley Murdock, and Marvin Sapp.

He played the drums while in the military.

He played for the University of Akron’s Gospel choir where he went on to receive a degree in liberal arts and music.

Keith has been a Guitar Center Drum Off runner up in both 2004 & 2009. He has also judged contests for the event as well.

Finally, Keith greatest musical accomplishment has been using his gift to develop and grow drumming skillsets in many drummers. Especially, in young up-and-coming drummers. Now these young drummers are stepping out and walking in open doors where they are now using their gifts in the music arena.

Keith is married to his lovely wife Anita and has two musically gifted adult children – Wesley and Daniele.

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