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Keith you have a very unique gift! You are not like the ordinary drummers that I have witnessed in my lifetime. There are not many that come in a session without rehearsing and fit right in with the momentum and overall musical flow. You remind me of one of my old time favorite drummers by the name of Gene Krupa. Man, you have great talent and skills, and can very well play these drums!
Dr. S. E. Anderson, Ph.D
I feel that the instructional drum lessons that Keith Boyer gives to my son Lucas is nothing but the best. In fact, it is top-notch quality! I must say that each and every week, Lucas looks forward to going to the lessons, and is disappointed when we cannot make it for some reason or another. He does not want to miss a class. It is definitely a great pleasure to come to these classes each week with my son, and I truly feel that Keith and his great teaching skills and lessons are a true blessing from God!
Dennis Belline
Steven has really enjoyed the drum lessons he has taken so far. Keith, your instructions and lectures are clear and precise, and my son knows what is expected of him at all times. He’s having a ball while he is learning – because you make it fun! When he comes home from his lessons, he is so full and overjoyed of the time that he had with you…. and I have seen a drastic improvement in his playing. When our friends and family come over, they are amazed at his ability to play. They even dance to the beat that he is able to play in rhythm! Keith I appreciate your flexibility with me about the times of the classes. You are kind and it is great to have you as my son’s instructor.
Frank Innocenzzi
Keith, you are an excellent drum teacher. I feel you are a great teacher because you have patience and take the time to make sure my grandson knows the techniques of drumming. My grandson loves your teaching, and he feels that you are a great teacher. When my grandson first started taking lessons at the age of 6 or 7, he was very young. I truly appreciate the patience, attention, and the tolerance that you had with him. I have seen nothing but continual growth in him as he continues to improve now at 10 years old. I also like to the idea of the videos that you make twice a year of your students so that they, their parents, and others can see the continued growth over the years. The fact that his timing and rhythm has so improved, to the point, that he is ready to play for us at the church and be our regular drummer, is very exciting! Keith, thank you so much for being a blessing with your gift and talents.
Diane Millirons

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